The Golden Rule: Eat Right And Exercise!

The road to losing weight is like reaching a mountain peak – there are many paths that you can take but not all are as effective and as efficient. Much has already been said about how to effectively lose weight, but not all can give you sustained results. The one thing to remember is to never go about shedding those pounds the unhealthy way. Not eating at all is a very bad plan and could even later lead to binge eating. Depriving yourself from food is the reasoning of a simpleton who lacks commitment and grounded knowledge on weight loss. This path will only leave you hungry, unsatisfied, and frustrated. So what do you need to do? As cliche as it may sound, the good old proper and balanced diet, coupled with exercise is still the most sustainable way to achieve your goal.

First off, you need to reexamine your lifestyle and find healthier alternatives. Try to skip the soda or the extra rice next time, or you can find healthier alternatives such as brown or red rice. Reducing your appetite works best if you watch your sugar and starch intake. Do not stimulate the secretion of insulin, which is the fat storage hormone. You can do this by, again, putting in healthier alternatives. Increasing your protein source and vegetables while simultaneously cutting back on sugar is a good combination. This means you have to know which kinds of food are rich in protein, which ones have low carbohydrates, and other information about the food you eat. Do your research as well. Increasing your protein intake helps boost your metabolism and decreases desire for snacking during random times of the day. So start filling your breakfast and lunch with beef, chicken, salmon, eggs, among others.

As already mentioned, you have to do a little digging in to have a grasp of which food can be used as alternatives. For vegetables, low carbohydrate vegetable include cabbage, lettuce, cucumber, and celery. These are food that you can eat at huge amounts and still not go over your maximum calorie intake for the day. Your meals should have protein, fat, and a low-carbohydrate source so you won’t feel hungry or dissatisfied with what you’re eating.

Weight loss requires planning, and that plan should be long-term. You should not aim to lose weight for just the next couple of months, but make healthy living your lifestyle. Bottom line is you have to eat right and have exercise in your routine.