Dunedin Ice Hockey Association, Dunedin Ice Skating Club and Dunedin Curling Club formed Ice Sports Dunedin Inc. Each have representatives elected to the Management Board of the Dunedin Ice Stadium.  Ice Sports Dunedin  (Inc) was formed in 2003 from the various ice sports clubs who found the former 'Big Chill' ice rink facilities inadequate.

Investigations over many years eventually resulted in an offer from the Dunedin City Council, (following the closure of the 'Big Chill') for the use of the former Dunedin Stadium, as previous users relocated to the recently completed Edgar Sports Centre.

The combined 'Ice Sports Dunedin' body then undertook the management and construction of the ice arenas facility, and the City Council re clad the stadium sheet metal roof and wall areas with insulated polystyrene sandwich panels.

'Ice Sports Dunedin' are proud of the results achieved in providing the best indoor ice facility in Australasia.

  • The principal objectives of the new organisation are:

  • To build and maintain a superior ice facility for the greater Dunedin area.

  • To foster all ice disciplines and to promote and encourage participants of all ages and abilities.

  • To promote the Dunedin Ice Stadium as being the premier indoor ice sports complex in NewZealand. With adjacent arenas, one Olympic size 30m x 60m ice hockey rink and adjacent multi purpose 18m x 56m four lane curling sheets, the arena can accommodate alternative activities simultaneously, or allow for separate 'warm up' and 'competition' areas. Up to ten curling lanes can be in use at one time with the available ice.

  • Exciting new devellopments have been undertaken to enhance and promote the DUNEDIN ICE STADIUM and provide even better facilities for participants as well as for spectators.