Anavar Is Available As A Pill

Anavar steroids have been used by both men and women safely for a long period of time. It was developed and is used to treat severe weight loss because of surgery, illness, or other debilitating disorders. The Anavar steroid molecule is straightforward and easy to recognize in biochemistry. It, like most anabolic steroids, bears a resemblance to testosterone. But that is where the similarity ends. It is safe for women, and likely will not cause any sort of body hair growth on women.

Anavar tablets are available. Indeed, it was first developed as Anavar pills, and body builders used to crush them and mix them with sterile water and then inject the mix directly into the muscles that they were working.

Most athletes know that they can buy Anavar from friends, or even go to a doctor and get a prescription for it. Doctors in the United States will prescribe it, but are very reluctant due to the paranoid anti-steroid attitude of the public in the United States. So most of the athletes and others who want this steroid will have to buy Anavar online. There is no other place to buy Anavar, unless one knows a doctor who will prescribe it. Of course, one can always find Anavar for sale on the underground market. That is dangerous, however. One never really knows what is in those tablets. It might say one thing and be something else altogether. Worse yet, it could have been made in someone’s bathtub with many other ingredients.

Strangely, this steroid has been shown to be effective in treating hepatitis and promoting growth in children as a replacement for lost growth hormone. It is used for osteoporosis also. That is because this is an anabolic steroid, and it has properties that will make muscles grow large and fast.

It is used in a lot of bulking cycles and stacks. Body builders use it as a direct injection into the muscle. This steroid will help the body produce large quantities of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the worked muscle. It also retains nitrogen at the site of a worked muscle. After working the muscle, during the relaxed phase, the two go to work together and produce lean, massive musculature. That is the reason so many body builders like this steroid.

It is used by many athletes as a performance enhancer. Runners have noticed that their endurance increases, and their strength is phenomenal after using this steroid.

This steroid does not have any estrogenic properties. That is to say, it will not cause water retention nor will it cause gynecomastia, the enlargement of male breasts.

Accelerated hair loss will be possible with those who are genetically subject to baldness. Acne is a problem, and can be treated somewhat by diet. Do not eat greasy foods.

This steroid is slightly androgenic, which means it will cause testosterone production to slow down. A testosterone replacement may be necessary. This is not much of a problem with normal use, however.